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With over 14.2 million Blogs on the internet competing with conventional news, television and magazine sources for their audiences, advertisers and traditional print publishers are beginning to understand the necessary role played by blogs and social networks in reaching their consumers.  As these advertisers create their own blogs to promote services and products, the demand for regularly updated web content and information grows.


Pull Web Content is an online meeting place putting together web content providers with web content publishers.  From highly personalized, unique web content, created for the individual company, to non-exclusive category based web content articles which may be adapted for use by small businesses on a budget, there are Pull Web Content providers selling web content for businesses of all sizes.


According to a recent Comscore report, 50 million Americans visit and read blogs.  Compared to the overall average of internet users, these blog readers spend longer hours online, and most importantly, more money.  While only 40% of all internet users have made purchases online, that number jumps to 52% when only blog readers were queried.  As compared to the average internet user, blog readers are also wealthier, being 11% more likely to have an income greater than $75,000 per year.

While companies want to reach this audience, their current options are largely dissatisfying.  They can spend time writing regular web content articles themselves, hire an expensive web content staff writer, or place a small ad on a third party blog with no control over what is written in the blog.  Placing ads on blogs is often done by automatic, rotation based on categories and keywords so that an ad may even end up running on a blog which is in direct conflict with the company’s products or services; for instance an ad for fast food may show up on a support blog for dieters, simply because they both show food related keywords in their blogs.

For many, the available solutions for blogging and social networking are either too time intensive, too expensive, or too unreliable.

Currently, traditional print publishers are migrating to digital media, where the demand for informative web content is growing and the cost of materials is more feasible.  They are quickly learning the demands of an online audience are different than traditional print.  Where once the covers sold the content, online, the web content must sell itself.  The marketing for an article must be woven into the actual web content article itself.  These publishers require a new kind of writer, familiar with the larger needs the marketer in order to compete in the new media.


Pull Web Content writers will provide affordable, quality, written articles to suit each company’s individualized needs.  For smaller companies, with smaller budgets, pre-written articles are available on a broad variety of subjects.  These articles are non-exclusive and may appear in other places, giving companies the chance to acquire creative content at a much lower cost than would otherwise be the case.  These articles may already be written with an ey

For companies with a larger presence and a need for exclusive materials, Pull Web Content Providers will work on an ongoing basis to create articles which represent their company as a custom presence.

Services for both exclusive and non-exclusive content will range from single blog postings, to full blog and social networking services including regular updates at intervals determined by the customer.


Using Pull Web Content providers, companies will ensure the articles they purchase will be not only entertaining and engaging but will also be optimized to grab the attention of major search engines, gaining them higher placement in searches for their relevant keywords.

Regular updates to websites and social platforms increase worldwide visibility and stronger brand recognition.  Each update brings opportunity for exposure to new visitors, as well as a reminder to previous visitors of the website’s superior content.


The founders of Pull Web Content have worked closely with the social media marketing industry and are familiar with their unique needs and customer base.  For this reason, they will be our initial target market.

Ongoing business relationships have also been forged with the publishers of dozens of print magazines who have a demand for regular content in place and are expanding to the internet.

As more and more traditional publishing companies turn to digital media, the demand will grow for internet and social media savvy writers to produce not only engaging content, but content geared toward search engine optimization and reaching targeted audiences.


Social Networking as a business is still quite young and while the demand is growing, there are few people who have not only the experience and expertise to manage all the major platforms, but also the writing ability required to provide exceptional service.  With years of professional writing and social networking experience, the founders of Pull Content are uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled service to the market.

We are a group of writers and marketers with prior experience in print and online publishing as well as established relationships with expected new clients.  The Pull Web Content provider team looks forward to working with you.


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